30'' Round Table

Rent our 30'' Round table, perfect for 2-3 people seating, or to set up a beautiful cake for your event. 



72" Round Adult Tables

72" Diameter
30" Tall
this table is the largest on round tables we carry, you can sit up to 12 guests but comfortably 10 is a better number
delivery is not included, and linen is also a separate item.
We can do set up of your chairs and tables for an extra cost, if this is not selected and chairs and tables are not ready and we have to fold and remove trash and linens from tables an extra cost will be applied to your bill.



black bar

4ft Portable Bar
This 4ft Portable Bar is made of solid wood and a great addition to any event. Outdoor weddings, popup dinner parties and more. It comes in your choice of white or black. It also has a middle shelf for holding your bottles and glasses.
Colors: Available in Black or White
Depth: 26 inches
Width: 48 inches
Height: 40 inches




Contemplating to enjoy the warm weather with some patio dining and experiencing bright sunny rays shining, enjoying the outdoor experience
delivery fee not included



Cocktail Table


Cocktail tables add a certain air of elegance to any event! Great for weddings, receptions, club events, meet & greet events and many other special occasions! Recommended for use with our Bar Stools or standing




This 8 foot long wooden banquet dining table is perfectly colored and lived-in.

The height of the table is 29.5″, with a clearance underneath of 24″. The table can seat a maximum of 8-10 chairs, depending on the size of your chairs.



Half moon tables

Tables Each table has three legs Built-in ganging Table has a steel frame with locking folding legs Gray Granite Plastic table color with Charcoal frame Each Table: Outside radius is 30'' with a length of 48'' Outside Circumference: 47-1/8'' Width on Straight Edge: 30''

  • Half round table is famous with "Half Moon Table"
  • This is can be an extension for rectangular when you create boardroom style setup
  • The size is depend on the chosen of rectangular table



kids 4 feet rectangular table

Our  Children's tables and chairs are the perfect height for your smaller guests. The tables are 4' long 

Look at the pictures to assure sitting for your guest 



LED cocktail tables

LED illuminated cocktail table Lounge,glowing led bar table lighted up



Light up cubes

18 Light Up Cubes

New 18" LED Cubes 

These light up cubes will be a great addition to your next gathering or event.

Rent Multiple and group them together like pictured.

Contact us for reservation.

Delivery Fee  extra

  • price is per item



Linen for cocktail table

This is the cover for the cocktail tables we have for rent. We offer different colors

Note: Cocktail Table must be rented separately.
delivery and set up not included.



linen for round tables

Give your Tables and Chairs an extra touch by adding some of our quality polyester linens. We have all types of linens for all types of tables and a great variety of colors! We have round linens for 60′ Round Tables, 48′ Round tables. By renting linens with us for your tables, your event automatically escalates in quality, whether its a banquet event, or a company gathering or maybe just a family event, you will never go wrong with our linens.
delivery fee not included




We have a great variety of colors please call to ask for your choice of colors

Table linens for round and rectangular tables. delivery fee not included. COLORS MAY DIFFER FROM ACTUAL PICTURE CHART



Marquee light letters A-Z

These letters are a charming addition to any romantic event. Sitting at 48” tall, these letters easily light up any venue, both indoor and outdoor. Nothing shows that you care more than the word “love” lighting up your event.
your name display on your next birthday, give us a call to select your letters
delivery and extension cords not included.




Please  call to place your order with 2 weeks in advance 

Available in many colours 20 x 20 dinner napkins in traditional white or any color you wish. Accent your table using a different colored napkin! COLORS MAY DIFFER FROM ACTUAL PICTURE CHART



Plate set

This set includes 1-salad plate 


                          1-glass cup or wine cup(must choose one not both)

                          1-spoon 1-fork 1-knife

                           1-napkin (many colors available)

Client will be responsible for any damage-broken or missing item.




Rectanglar table for kids 6

White plastic rectangular 6 ft. Kids table table. WE CAN DO THE SET UP FOR AN EXTRA CHARGE. 

6ft Length 2ft Width 2.5" Depth



Rectangular 8 ft table

The 8 foot table makes the perfect buffet table for those occasions when people gather for food and fun, indoors or outside. It is also great for organizing displays and exhibits for schools, churches, community, or office events. Weighs 40.9 LBS



Rectangular table for adults

Rectangular white plastic table 6 foot

Don't forget your linens not included  Many colors to choose from

Delivery and pick-up are extra not included 




Contemplating to enjoy the warm weather with some patio dining and experiencing bright sunny rays shining, enjoying the outdoor experience
delivery fee not included



round table for adults

White plastic round table for Adults, sits between 8-10 guest

Delivery charge not included



Round table for kids

We have that extra elegant touch make the table for your smallest guest as pretty as the adults, we also have linens call to get a quote.



Serpentine Bar

The 8′ Serpentine Skirted Black Bar is a curved-serpentine bar. It has black pleated skirting from top to bottom.

42″ High
Black skirted
also available in white please call for availability.



Serpentine table

The serpentine buffet is a great option if your event has 100 or more guests and you have ample space.  The curves in the serpentine tables add a nice touch of flair to help create a wonderful visual appeal for guests.  It also allows for guests to utilize both sides of the buffet at the same time. Linen for table is extra

Outer 94 1/4"

Inner 47"




Small round table for adults

A 48 inch tables seats 6 people.  You want to allow 24" of space per person.

Don't forget the linens we have many colors to choose from



small table

Please call us for any questions on our white coffee table 2x2



Table skirts

We have many colors to choose from, table skirts add that artistic detail that makes a big impression. Use table skirts to dress up your tables for guest speakers, presentations, and panels. 



Table top bar

{ High Top Bar Tables }

A 6′ table with a high-top riser, these allow a bartender a lower level for mixing and pouring and a higher tabletop for serving. Bar skirting or linens suggested.NOT INCLUDED 

If your space is limited, but you still want to have a bar, the 6' tabletop bar is what you need. The 6' tabletop bar sits directly on top of a 6' table. Add Skirts to give it the real bar feel.

Use to display beverages, fountains, candy, hor d'oeuvres, etc.




Tables with umbrella

Make your event more elegant by adding tables with umbrellas

Don't forget to add chairs and tables linens for an extra price

delivery charge may apply.



Tall 4 feet table

small buffet table for drinks or for a candy table this size is perfect for you