slushi machine

slushi machine
Dimensions 4L x 4W x 4H


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Slush, Freeze, Ice drink, by adding the water and one flavor to the one side drums and the other Flavor to the other drum. Just ADD Water and the mix wait till it's done freezing the flavor and then you are ready to serve. Machine only We have flavors pina colada -strawberry daiquiri -margarita this is an extra cost $200.00 ( includes: 2 flavors) No Ice is needed. Please keep unit in the shade away from the Sun. The machine must be turned on and left running about 2.5 Hours before your event to allow sufficient time to turn into slush. Start by placing the water into one of the 2 tubs and the mix. Delivery fee will Apply and a Clean up charge if the machine still have has drinks inside at pick-up.