Food / Other Machines

Food / Other Machines


Bubble Machine

price of $49.99 includes Bubble machine only. liquid for bubble machine will be 15.00 extra



Carnival treat shop

This is an inflatable replica of a classic food concession booth. This fun food booth will attract lots of attention. It includes plenty of space to set-up many fun-food machines along with four windows that can be used to serve from. This unit also includes a rear door.



Chafing Dishes

  • Full size 8 Quart Chafer
  • Rectangular
  • Includes: Welded frame, dripless water pan, dome cover and fuel holder
  • Stainless steel
  • includes:2 chafing dishes fuel gel



Chocolate Fountain

Your party will never be complete without a chocolate fountain.

No chocolate merchandise included you must provide your own.Fountains require specialty chocolate fondue (purchased separately) to operate properly. 

We recommend melting the chocolate first in a microwave and then adding it to the Chocolate Fountain. Be sure that no water gets into the chocolate, as this will taint the chocolate.

The chocolate should not be too warm or too cold, and it should have a nice shine to it. Also, the thickness of the chocolate is very important for proper flow. Chocolate that is too thick will not flow but drop from tier to tier. Chocolate that is too thin will flow but will have gaps in the robing of the tiers.   Set the chocolate fountain base on a sturdy, level surface to begin. Starting off with a sturdy level surface will ensure proper operation of the chocolate fondue fountain. Uneven sheeting of chocolate over the fountain tiers is usually the result of the chocolate fountain not standing level or that the chocolate fondue is too thick.



Coffee Maker

Keep you guest warm with a fresh cup of coffee. Our coffee maker rentals can be used for any event and are simple to use.  Make 42 or 100 cups of coffee at once instead of having to go back an forth with traditional home coffee makers. These are great for large or small gatherings.   



Cotton Candy

The Cotton Candy Machine makes tasty classic style cotton candy everyone is used to

It comes with 50 floss cones and floss cone sugar. Good for 50 servings or more. Table top machine



extra merchandise cotton candy

Pictured are the 2 flavors available: Vanilla and Blue Raspberry.

Set for 50 Kids comes with 50 Paper sticks and 1 carton of sugar of your favorite flavor. Pink or Blue



extra merchandise popcorn machine

Each set of popcorn includes the popcorn bag sets and 50 paper bags.



Fog Machine




Rent the 2500 Watt 5HP Portable Generator for your next party or event outdoors. Great for parks and events in flat open spaces where there are no electrical outlets nearby. Can power up to 5-6 hours. This Portable Generator can power up to 1 regular Inflatable.




Hot Dog

Hot dog roller grill can prepare and hold 24 hot dogs at a time. It is great for light duty applications like concession stands and snack bars at your local sporting events, town fairs, or even small public golf courses.



Ice cooler




Large generator

This generator is perfect for a combo jumper or for your larger events 



nacho machine

With just a push of a button, the cheese is placed on your food with no mess. No merchandise included




Popcorn Machine

Who doesn’t love popcorn?  The fragrant aroma sparks memories of wandering about county fairs.  Maybe you remember summer days spent at the carnival walking the midway. Or perhaps it triggers memories of Saturday afternoons spent at the movies, watching all of your favorites at the matinee.  Now you can share the delightful scent of popcorn with all of the folks at your next event.

It doesn’t even have to be a party!  Imagine how great your next monthly business meeting will be if you rent our popcorn machine and pop up some fun.

includes merchandise for 50 guest table top machine

popcorn kit and bags
Rent this popcorn machine for your next event. Electrical outlet needed. This machine is a table top so customer must supply a table. Rent Machine. Reserve it today. delivery not included please let us know of any steps or stairs.



Red Tub


Chill Tub- 17 gal Red


Our Chill Tub Rental is perfect for casual events such as backyard parties, birthday parties, family bbqs, company picnics and so much more! Great for holding soda cans, juice pouches, water bottles and other drinks. Festive red color makes this chill tub rental especially great for spring and summer events or holiday parties. Rope handles provide easy and sturdy transportation.

Material: Hard Plastic

Size: 17 gallon capacity



slushi machine

Great for your next event

Slush, Freeze, Ice drink, by adding the water and one flavor to the one side drums and the other Flavor to the other drum. Just ADD Water and the mix wait till it's done freezing the flavor and then you are ready to serve. Machine only We have flavors pina colada -strawberry daiquiri -margarita this is an extra cost $200.00 ( includes: 2 flavors) No Ice is needed. Please keep unit in the shade away from the Sun. The machine must be turned on and left running about 2.5 Hours before your event to allow sufficient time to turn into slush. Start by placing the water into one of the 2 tubs and the mix. Delivery fee will Apply and a Clean up charge if the machine still have has drinks inside at pick-up.



Snow Cone

Nothing beats a snow cone on a hot summer day. Our table top snow cone machine rentals will have the little ones lining up for their very own sweet taste of summer, as well as have some adults lining up too.

2 flavors & 50 snow cone cups. Ice is not included.

delivery is extra if you need this at the park you will need a generator. Ready for a cool and sweet treat for your event? Pick up the all time favorite snow cone machine rental, a perfect addition to any party you may be planning. Beating the heat and keeping the little ones happy is fun for all. The snow cone machine rental is perfect for school events, fundraisers and backyard birthday parties. Living in California allows you to enjoy snow cones most of the year. Don’t delay, order your snow cone machine rental today.



XL generator